Welcome to PepsiCo’s Supplier Diversity Partners Portal

As a company doing business in more than 200 countries and territories, we believe that diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our business are essential to our success. Reflecting the diversity of our consumer base enables us to have a better understanding of our consumers. An inclusive workplace culture that values different perspectives builds employee engagement, fosters creativity and fuels innovation. PepsiCo views supplier diversity as a real business advantage because it supports building economic wealth with diverse businesses and the development of minority communities. It also helps us develop innovation to spur sustainable growth and creates a supplier base that mirrors our employee and customer base.

Supplier Diversity is part of a holistic approach to PepsiCo’s Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing that’s vision is to: Drive positive business value and ensure PepsiCo is competitively advantaged through strong commercial, social, and environmental supplier capabilities.

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